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Welcome to Hoang Nham Luxury Hotel

Located in the heart of the city of Lai Chau, with views of the romantic Thuy Son Lake and the administrative center of the great Ho Chi Minh City, behind the legendary Ta Li Phung - Nung Nang mountain range. "Title Painted Water".

Hoang Nham Luxury Hotel is a 5 star standard hotel, with French style, large and modern. With a harmonious combination of neoclassical style, luxury but still bold features typical culture. most in the North West.
Rooms are designed according to 5 star standards, including 124 luxurious rooms. The furnishing and interior of the room are gold-plated and feature a distinctive style. Especially, the presidential level is qualified to welcome heads of state at home and abroad.
The restaurant system, the wedding center and the organization of large and varied events in and out of the garden building can accommodate from 300 guests to over 1000 guests serving European and Asian dishes as well as regional cuisine.
In addition, the hotel's diversified service system is always available for all guests to relax and relax when visiting and working in Lai Chau, such as 4 seasons pools indoor, health clubs, karaoke and SPA (Sauna Massage).

The hotel bar is a bar and beverage service, designed in accordance with the North West stilts and romantic garden, the ideal place to relax and make your trip more enjoyable. perfect and perfect.